Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to School—A 3 Step “Pre” Introductory

This may seem a little early to get into back to school mode, but planning as far enough ahead as you are able will make the chaos of changing schedules come so much easier!  I’m sure you can all guess what I’m going to say next—start your children off right with an organized backpack! I can’t stress this enough. Teaching your children to stay organized from day one is key in staying on top of schoolwork throughout the year and allows them to be stress free when looking for school items and assignments. It will make school so much more fun.
1.     Get a separate binder with blank paper and labeled tabs for each subject. I can never stress labels enough—label everything!
2.     Have a pencil holder with all of the writing supplies, scissors, erasers etc. that your child will need. Teachers usually send a supply list home, but you can shop for a pencil case now. I love this one from Target, but there will be sales galore come August.
3.     Get a planner or a small notebook and teach your child how to track homework assignments as they come and check them off as they finish. This will help them in the long run, but this is also a great habit for parents and caretakers. You will know exactly what needs to be done and how to help your children finish and succeed this upcoming year.
Let this small guide be a starter as you start thinking about the upcoming year. When you start shopping, remember to pick up items that make your children excited to learn. Shopping with your children is a great way to ensure that they will have everything they need and will involve them in their own learning process—this can only help set them up for success!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Organized Snacking with 3 Simple Tips

Guess what everyone? It’s National Junk Food Day!! I give you permission to indulge a little today. While the origin of this mischievous “unofficial” holiday cannot be traced, why not celebrate those snacks that get you through long days at work, school, or weekday vegging with serial television? But let’s bring an organized and orderly approach to this nutritiously liberal day. Here are 3 tips to help you organize your snacking.
1.     First of all, I believe in making snacking as simple as possible. Keep your snacks grouped together and easily accessible. I try to put healthy snacks within children’s reach and organized by category.
2.     For those snacks that come in boxes and tend to be spilled more times than not, try tearing off the lid of the box so it’s easier for sharing. This helps children too—it’s a lifesaver on road trips!
3.     If you have a favorite household snack that is replenished often, invest in bins that you can designate and label. This makes storing backups a no-brainer!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What's in your purse?

Alright, are we ready to open the proverbial floor on a subject relevant to approximately 50% of the human population? I say, let’s at least bite into it! I want to give you just a few things to remember when organizing your purse.
·       I am a huge advocate for extra bags. Incorporate bags within bags if you need to. A small bag placed inside your big bag can save you time and helps to keep you from losing things. This method literally saves me on a daily basis. For example: have a small bag for jewelry so you don’t lose it and so it will also stay protected. Here’s another one: A bag or durable envelope for receipts. This will make going through your finances daily or weekly so quick and easy! One last thing: keep a separate bag or zip clutch for your gift cards and coupons. When I cram them in my wallet, I lose them, or worse, they come tumbling free at an untimely moment.
·       Anytime while you’re out and think of something that you wish you had, remember to add it to your purse that evening. The goal is to create a perfectly curated bag that keeps you prepared and organized.
·       Clean out your purse nightly. Ok, at least weekly. This is hard, but it helps keep the weight of a quickly accumulating catchall manageable. Let’s not add EVERYTHING, but be mindful and prepared.
·       Clean out your purse completely when switching to a new bag. Just do it. It’s always a bad idea to leave anything in an old purse.
·       Keep a snack in your bag ladies and gentleman! You never know what the day will bring and this keeps me from pulling off at the nearest Wendy’s.
·       As previously mentioned in my “On theRoad” post, always pack an extra phone charger. I like to have one inside my purse in addition to a car charger.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Skeletons in your Closet

While hangers may be the last thing on your mind when cleaning and organizing your closets, I strongly suggest you take a moment to consider the basic step of selecting the right hanger. Like in any craft, you must take the time to prepare with a base layer— the “bones” of your project. Why should organizing your closet be any different? Here are some of my personal hanger tips, along with a strong urge to prepare your canvas for a beautiful and, more importantly, functional closet.
·       Slotted Hangers (Hangers with Divots): I love these for tank tops and strappy things. However, they don’t always treat t-shirts and sweaters kindly. Be selective and match your clothing to the right hanger.
·       Pant Hangers: I love these plastic pant hangers for skirts and pants alike. They keep them wrinkle free, considering you don’t crowd them too tight!
·       Non-slip Hangers: These function as a catchall for most other items in your closet—excluding tight necked clothing. If it is hard to get the clothing on or off of the hanger then use your everyday plastic hanger with no divots. Non-slip hangers are a little tricky; I suggest you invest in a nicer brand. If you get a non-slip hanger that is too cheap, they will start to wear off on your clothing. My all-time favorite non-slip hangers are the Joy Mangano ones. Find them on the Home Shopping Network or at Target. I swear by these. Go get them, now!
·       Suit Hangers: These may see like an unnecessary investment, but it will pay off in the long run. Suits and heavy coats are clothing items that need a little more special attention. Treat them right and they’ll keep you looking sharp for years! I like these from Target.
·       Don’t forget to just use regular old hangers for tight neck shirts and or sweaters to make getting ready in the morning that much easier! If putting the item on a non-slip hanger is more difficult than helpful, don’t use it!

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