Sunday, January 25, 2015

Art-Craft-Work Space

Alright as promised today we are talking Art/ Craft/ Work Space! 
Here was my teaser picture I posted on Instagram of my craft and work space, even us professional organizers have our messy days, but because everything I own has a place it was easy to put it back in order. I love lots of color as you can see and thats alright as long as you keep things orderly!

Tip 1: Organizing cards into their specific occasions, putting them in bins and labeling them specifically. Makes it so easy to grab one when the occasion arrives. 
Tip 2: You can use any drawer space for all your ribbon, keep it in same colors and in holiday specific. This will help you see exactly what you have. 
Tip 3: Remember it might not look perfect but if everything has a place than you have done it
Creative people can have a hard time keeping things tidy cause its all about making the creation happen. Mckenzie Jones is an amazing artist featured below and we moved her from her moms into her newly married apartment. It got pretty messy during finals but because she had a space for everything just like I mentioned above putting it all back together was not so hard. Now we got her  space set up to get her ready for her new adventure, teaching art classes. Check her out on her insta @kenzerela she is beyond incredible! 

What is your idea of a perfect art/craft/workspace?! Would love to hear all about it! I am in a constant search for better organization ideas daily! I believe we can always improve!
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