Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Guide to life “On the Road”

I get the pleasure of writing from the road this week! I am lucky to be able to work with clients across several states because I love to travel. I thrive on being on the run; I’ll be it, if not as glamourous as BeyoncĂ© and my man Jay, hopefully just as organized. My obvious solution to making my life away from home as easy as possible is planning ahead and organizing the essentials to be efficient, comfortable, and convenient. I find that the extra time spent making sure the journey is smooth translates into extra brain power and a healthier lifestyle. I spend a lot of time on the road. I mean, A LOT—let me take you through my process of preparing for the trek:

First of all, snacks—I load up on healthy snacks each time I know I’ll be away.  This not only saves money, but is an easy extra step to keep me eating healthy throughout the day. For those of you who need your energy when you’re out on the open road adventuring, here’s what I suggest:

·      Coconut water: great to help boost hydration
·      COLD water: (hydration is a big one for me), but I have to drink it cold. I bring ice packs along so there are no excuses.
·      Cheese and crackers: great for a quick boost in energy. I love breaking them out in the afternoon when I need a pick-me-up.
·      Hard boiled eggs: Excellent source of protein and so easy to prepare in advance.
·      Natural fruit leather: Duh! These are such a treat.
·      Dried tart cherries: Simple and delicious.
·      Nuts:  heart-healthy fats and proteins that pack a lot of energy.

The right shoes and accessories are another thing that planning beforehand really makes a big difference. I am very particular about what goes on my feet. Comfort is non-negotiable and I need to be able to move, chase, and remove easily. I never know if I’m going to be lifting or climbing—it gets tricky when you don’t always know what you’re in for. I love Birkenstocks—they’re a great option for a sandal that is supportive, but also flaunts effortless style. A great pair of tennies are another obvious go to. I have both of these options at all times and usually multiple pairs. This also applies to my love of sunnies! I keep at least one pair in my purse or around me at all times.

Another item that I suggest you make the investment in is extra chargers for your phone and iPad. I work remotely and I’ve eliminated any chance of running out of juice by making sure I stock up on these. I have three with me before leaving home: one for my car (this one stays put), one for my purse (the key is to be as mobile as possible), and one that I pack to plug in wherever I am staying. Staying charged up all day is a necessary evil in my case, and having a couple extra power sources at all times has saved me on several occasions.

I find that if I check off the items on this list, I’m set for whatever comes my way. Other problems that come up are much easier to manage if I have the basics covered. How do you plan for your summer adventures?

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shoes: A Necessary Divide

Shoes are an easy place to start as you endeavor to REVAMP your home! I’ve outlined four extremely simple solutions to help give you a jumping off point. Even if you only have time for one aspect of organization, take some time to give your shoes some much needed breathing room. It will put you on the right path. I’ve chosen to organize shoes by category— let’s DIVE IN!

1.     Flats: Small cubbies work great here. They fit with no fuss or damage to your shoes and allow you to see your shoes clearly.
2.     Sandals: Bins! You know I’m going to promote a bin. I like to have one for nicer sandals and one for flip flops.
3.     Boots: Did you catch my post on pool noodles? Stand these straight up so they aren’t crunched and deformed. I like my boots to be more visible, so I stand them along a wall, on a shelf, across the back of the closet…you get it.
4.     Tennis shoes/Vans and slip ons: I like to use shelves for this style of shoe. Remember to put one show facing forward and one facing back to create more space.

This is a great project to handle, even if you are busy this weekend. Consider tackling simple shoe organization in between bbqs, bonfires and summer waves.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Print It, Post It, Live it: Welcome a More Organized Summer

A bright and WARM welcome to our beautiful, illuminating, and nourishing summer season! Historically, summer solstice has been celebrated with bonfires, dancing, sacrifices, lighting candles, sending out wishes and generally absorbing inspiration from the muse. How have you invited light and abundance into your life these first few days of the new season?
Although we’ve reached the longest days of the year, the months of summer never fail to wash over me and my busy schedule and I find myself feeling regret for not making time for my summer exploits. This year, I plan to change that by doing what I do best—adding a dose of organized planning to the mix before it slips away. The perfect partner to help me do just that is the wonderfully creative design genius Alexi Bullock—she helps us take our plans from intention to function! Speaking of muses, enter Alexi. She has such flawless taste and is always coming up with something eye catching, yet graceful. Please check out her blog and prepare to be amazed! She has put together a summer to-do list that will surely give you style cred, while allowing you to see this list daily. Hang it on your fridge, post it above your desk, and share it with everyone you know!

Using simple tools like this are just one way to aid in organizing your life and opening up to what’s really important. From there, it’s up to you to stay true to your plan. If the rest of your life is organized, you’re more likely to approach your hobbies without feeling guilty and make time for the events that enrich your life. What’s on your summer bucket list? Don’t have one yet? Your first activity could be printing out one of Alexi’sfree printable lists and sit down with your family to get input and plan your summer or brainstorm what you’d like to do most. Get as specific as possible; what are the exact dates that you plan to take that picnic or hike to that waterfall you’ve always wanted to see?

Here is a sneak preview to some of my personal bucket list items:

  •      Visit the Utah State Fair with my family
  • ·       Join my brother Austin in Atlanta for his Army graduation
  • ·       Float Provo River
  • ·       Do the zip line at Sundance Resort
  • ·       Disneyland
  • ·       Finish 2 books
  • ·       Celebrate my husband’s birthday on Catalina island
  • ·       Hike Mt. Timpanogos at sunrise

This year, I’m going to get a magnet from each place I visit for my fridge to hang the pictures from the journey as proof that I’m living it up. How will you document your adventures??  

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Friday, June 19, 2015

5 Steps to Getting Organized with The Glamorous Housewife

I had the great pleasure of being featured on the lovely site The Glamorous Housewife, curated by the charming and oh-so-creative Bethany Herwegh. Her affection for domestic style and culture is nostalgic and fresh all at once. Take some time to get acquainted with her site if you haven’t yet been introduced.

Clutter can sometimes feel like it has all-omnipotent powers over your lifestyle. It’s by far the number one thing my clients complain of. I understand the struggle in conquering the clutter—I have collected so many important relics in travel, love and life over the years. However, it’s important to live in a space that allows for a livable, breathable flow. I’ve found a few steps that have helped me and my clients simplify to create space for new life.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Organization ≠ Minimalism

Although I’ve been boasting a more minimal approach to removing clutter and organizing your living space, let’s be clear here, I do not think they are the same thing. While it is so beneficial and often needed, whittling your things down to the bare minimum does not always induce functionality and pure sweet sweet joy. Do what you can to eliminate the extra items that are holding you back, but by all means USE those things that make the cut!

It’s really all about simply getting use out of the things you already own. Pick them up, take them out, wear them, tie them, display them—give them the job you originally intended! You might be surprised at how many things you already own that could be utilized and reimagined in new ways.  I like to take sentimental pieces and items that still contain that momentum and magic that I was once drawn and create a special display or shrine (if I may be so bold). This way I see it often, I acknowledge these things and carry gratitude with me as I go about my day. How do YOU display those special pieces that get you through the day and move you forward? Share below! 

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Friday, June 12, 2015

just pick it up!

We forget sometimes that organization doesn’t always have to be a lengthy chore. Sure, it might take some time to begin, but once you find a home for your things, it can be quite simple and is worth the initial efforts.

We’ve talked about minimalism, decluttering and the like—how did it go? If you missed my 2-week challenge to follow Marie Kondo’s advice to go down a path of joyful purging, that’s a good place to get started.

When you begin, I recommend taking everything out into the center of the room. Whether you are working on a room or a specifically overgrown area of clutter, this is an essential step. Once you’ve got a heaping sum, don’t put anything away until you’ve decided on a specific home for the item. Do detailed work here; really find a place that will be easy to access and that feels like the right space for your things. Continue through your whole home to attain a complete peace of mind that transcends each room. There is no better feeling than when everything is rightfully returned and put away.

In time, you’ll realize how fun organization can be! If you do the hard work once, returning items to their rightful homes is a manageable task that can bring so much satisfaction when you consistently return your living space to a joyful, livable space. 

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Season = New Blog Design

Along with a new season which brings with it a promise of new life, fresh growth and fragrant charm, I’ve decided to give the blog a new look, infused with paper cranes—a Japanese symbol of love and hope. Three years ago I came across the legend of 1,000 cranes, my father served a LDS mission in Japan and he introduced it to me. At the time it was a helpful reminder of the power of intention. The tradition follows the Japanese belief that cranes are sacred and in folding 1,000 paper cranes, you will receive a wish. Whether it be long life, health, happiness, etc., I felt that I needed a large gesture of faith to set my life in motion. I began to diligently produce one paper crane after another with the intention of meeting a counterpart that would challenge me, support me, and who I could return all the love I knew I was capable of giving.

I began with every color and pattern you can imagine and sat for hours imbuing each crease with love, a true spirit of hope and patience. The diligence with which I fulfilled the task renewed a sense of commitment, inspired creativity and a flux of energy. I wanted to be ready for anything. I would be ready for anything. I wanted to fulfill my purpose and attract and receive what the universe had to offer. I hung them above my bed and stared at them each night, reminded of the joy they brought as a process, as well as what I hoped to come as a result of my endeavors.

Later that year, I met Jake my sweet sweet hubby. As you all know, I think pretty highly of him, and he has truly been a symbol of how worthwhile a commitment to love, hope and moving forward each day can be. Hence, our new look and my constant challenge to my readers and followers to take one day at a time and approach the hard tasks that life brings with love, faith and commitment. I hope you all enjoy our new look!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

2- Week Challenge Part 2: What About Books?

Last week we posed a challenge to incorporate Marie Kondo’s life-changing minimalist approach to your early spring pick up! How does it feel to be clothed in items that only bring joy? Leave a comment and let us know how it went! Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Art of Decluttering and Organizing has been inspirational for me and I’m excited to approach week two: books!
This is a great time of year to pull those books off the shelf. I know that summer reading is such an important part of my vacations and travel time. It’s also a great time to encourage a summer reading program with your kids. So, let’s get to it, organizing Kondo style:

  1.  First of all, take down every book from every shelf and make one giant pile. For Kondo, taking the books off of the shelves helps to waken them up and restore life to them. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has books that I haven’t touched or thought about for years.
  2. Now the task of picking up each book, one at a time. DOES IT BRING YOU JOY? We learned how to do this in week one. Even if you feel silly, it’s essential to the process of transforming your space into a lighter and ultimately more joyful environment.
  3. Viola! Sit back and marvel at your old new friends. Make a calendar for a family reading program and remember, don’t hold onto your books out of guilt or fear of waste. If it doesn’t bring you joy, it could very well bring someone else joy!  Give your old books a new life by immediately gifting or donating. You may find that as you ask the question “does this bring me joy?” a close friend or relative might come to mind. Pass along with love! We could all use a little more joy in our lives.  

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