Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shoes: A Necessary Divide

Shoes are an easy place to start as you endeavor to REVAMP your home! I’ve outlined four extremely simple solutions to help give you a jumping off point. Even if you only have time for one aspect of organization, take some time to give your shoes some much needed breathing room. It will put you on the right path. I’ve chosen to organize shoes by category— let’s DIVE IN!

1.     Flats: Small cubbies work great here. They fit with no fuss or damage to your shoes and allow you to see your shoes clearly.
2.     Sandals: Bins! You know I’m going to promote a bin. I like to have one for nicer sandals and one for flip flops.
3.     Boots: Did you catch my post on pool noodles? Stand these straight up so they aren’t crunched and deformed. I like my boots to be more visible, so I stand them along a wall, on a shelf, across the back of the closet…you get it.
4.     Tennis shoes/Vans and slip ons: I like to use shelves for this style of shoe. Remember to put one show facing forward and one facing back to create more space.

This is a great project to handle, even if you are busy this weekend. Consider tackling simple shoe organization in between bbqs, bonfires and summer waves.

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  1. That is exactly what I needed for my shoes! Can you tell me where to get these shoe organizers?? Any brands or dimensions you like best would help as well! Thanks!

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