Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Guide to life “On the Road”

I get the pleasure of writing from the road this week! I am lucky to be able to work with clients across several states because I love to travel. I thrive on being on the run; I’ll be it, if not as glamourous as Beyoncé and my man Jay, hopefully just as organized. My obvious solution to making my life away from home as easy as possible is planning ahead and organizing the essentials to be efficient, comfortable, and convenient. I find that the extra time spent making sure the journey is smooth translates into extra brain power and a healthier lifestyle. I spend a lot of time on the road. I mean, A LOT—let me take you through my process of preparing for the trek:

First of all, snacks—I load up on healthy snacks each time I know I’ll be away.  This not only saves money, but is an easy extra step to keep me eating healthy throughout the day. For those of you who need your energy when you’re out on the open road adventuring, here’s what I suggest:

·      Coconut water: great to help boost hydration
·      COLD water: (hydration is a big one for me), but I have to drink it cold. I bring ice packs along so there are no excuses.
·      Cheese and crackers: great for a quick boost in energy. I love breaking them out in the afternoon when I need a pick-me-up.
·      Hard boiled eggs: Excellent source of protein and so easy to prepare in advance.
·      Natural fruit leather: Duh! These are such a treat.
·      Dried tart cherries: Simple and delicious.
·      Nuts:  heart-healthy fats and proteins that pack a lot of energy.

The right shoes and accessories are another thing that planning beforehand really makes a big difference. I am very particular about what goes on my feet. Comfort is non-negotiable and I need to be able to move, chase, and remove easily. I never know if I’m going to be lifting or climbing—it gets tricky when you don’t always know what you’re in for. I love Birkenstocks—they’re a great option for a sandal that is supportive, but also flaunts effortless style. A great pair of tennies are another obvious go to. I have both of these options at all times and usually multiple pairs. This also applies to my love of sunnies! I keep at least one pair in my purse or around me at all times.

Another item that I suggest you make the investment in is extra chargers for your phone and iPad. I work remotely and I’ve eliminated any chance of running out of juice by making sure I stock up on these. I have three with me before leaving home: one for my car (this one stays put), one for my purse (the key is to be as mobile as possible), and one that I pack to plug in wherever I am staying. Staying charged up all day is a necessary evil in my case, and having a couple extra power sources at all times has saved me on several occasions.

I find that if I check off the items on this list, I’m set for whatever comes my way. Other problems that come up are much easier to manage if I have the basics covered. How do you plan for your summer adventures?

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