Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Skeletons in your Closet

While hangers may be the last thing on your mind when cleaning and organizing your closets, I strongly suggest you take a moment to consider the basic step of selecting the right hanger. Like in any craft, you must take the time to prepare with a base layer— the “bones” of your project. Why should organizing your closet be any different? Here are some of my personal hanger tips, along with a strong urge to prepare your canvas for a beautiful and, more importantly, functional closet.
·       Slotted Hangers (Hangers with Divots): I love these for tank tops and strappy things. However, they don’t always treat t-shirts and sweaters kindly. Be selective and match your clothing to the right hanger.
·       Pant Hangers: I love these plastic pant hangers for skirts and pants alike. They keep them wrinkle free, considering you don’t crowd them too tight!
·       Non-slip Hangers: These function as a catchall for most other items in your closet—excluding tight necked clothing. If it is hard to get the clothing on or off of the hanger then use your everyday plastic hanger with no divots. Non-slip hangers are a little tricky; I suggest you invest in a nicer brand. If you get a non-slip hanger that is too cheap, they will start to wear off on your clothing. My all-time favorite non-slip hangers are the Joy Mangano ones. Find them on the Home Shopping Network or at Target. I swear by these. Go get them, now!
·       Suit Hangers: These may see like an unnecessary investment, but it will pay off in the long run. Suits and heavy coats are clothing items that need a little more special attention. Treat them right and they’ll keep you looking sharp for years! I like these from Target.
·       Don’t forget to just use regular old hangers for tight neck shirts and or sweaters to make getting ready in the morning that much easier! If putting the item on a non-slip hanger is more difficult than helpful, don’t use it!

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