Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What's in your purse?

Alright, are we ready to open the proverbial floor on a subject relevant to approximately 50% of the human population? I say, let’s at least bite into it! I want to give you just a few things to remember when organizing your purse.
·       I am a huge advocate for extra bags. Incorporate bags within bags if you need to. A small bag placed inside your big bag can save you time and helps to keep you from losing things. This method literally saves me on a daily basis. For example: have a small bag for jewelry so you don’t lose it and so it will also stay protected. Here’s another one: A bag or durable envelope for receipts. This will make going through your finances daily or weekly so quick and easy! One last thing: keep a separate bag or zip clutch for your gift cards and coupons. When I cram them in my wallet, I lose them, or worse, they come tumbling free at an untimely moment.
·       Anytime while you’re out and think of something that you wish you had, remember to add it to your purse that evening. The goal is to create a perfectly curated bag that keeps you prepared and organized.
·       Clean out your purse nightly. Ok, at least weekly. This is hard, but it helps keep the weight of a quickly accumulating catchall manageable. Let’s not add EVERYTHING, but be mindful and prepared.
·       Clean out your purse completely when switching to a new bag. Just do it. It’s always a bad idea to leave anything in an old purse.
·       Keep a snack in your bag ladies and gentleman! You never know what the day will bring and this keeps me from pulling off at the nearest Wendy’s.
·       As previously mentioned in my “On theRoad” post, always pack an extra phone charger. I like to have one inside my purse in addition to a car charger.

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