Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Organized Snacking with 3 Simple Tips

Guess what everyone? It’s National Junk Food Day!! I give you permission to indulge a little today. While the origin of this mischievous “unofficial” holiday cannot be traced, why not celebrate those snacks that get you through long days at work, school, or weekday vegging with serial television? But let’s bring an organized and orderly approach to this nutritiously liberal day. Here are 3 tips to help you organize your snacking.
1.     First of all, I believe in making snacking as simple as possible. Keep your snacks grouped together and easily accessible. I try to put healthy snacks within children’s reach and organized by category.
2.     For those snacks that come in boxes and tend to be spilled more times than not, try tearing off the lid of the box so it’s easier for sharing. This helps children too—it’s a lifesaver on road trips!
3.     If you have a favorite household snack that is replenished often, invest in bins that you can designate and label. This makes storing backups a no-brainer!

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