My goal is to help you simplify your life by managing your space and time, and helping you to accomplish those goals that get you one step closer to a rich, balanced life. I thrive in an environment where I can create order from chaos. Reclaim your space and your calendar and make room for what really matters. Revamped offers services that include, but are not limited to:

*Life Organization—From organizing finances to disheveled closets, we work together to find simple, effective solutions that bring new life to overwhelming areas of everyday life.
 [Ex: cabinets, closets, home office, kids rooms, pantry, food storage, garage, etc.]

*Moving—a great alternative to the moving crew—I organize and handle your belongings with care and precision. I’ll pack it up and gladly help you find the perfect new home for your things.

*Emergency Preparedness—Unexpected things happen—having a plan is the best way to put your mind at ease. I’ll cover all the bases and let that worrying mind rest. Together we can prepare an entire layout and plan of action, including assembling a 72-hour kit, food and water storage, first aid kits, etc.

*Interior Decorating and Design—Every home, old or new, has a personal, distinct energy—I rearrange, feng shui and make sure your home flows with love and creates a space to utilize your personal potential.

*Schedule & Time Management Programs—Make the most of your days by streamlining tasks and daily errands to maximize every precious hour in your day. Let’s find a way to fit in your exercise program or meditation practice; organize your young students’ schedule; or help with meal planning and shopping. Every moment in your day is valuable. Let me help you create an effective personalized plan that promotes clarity in your life.

*Personal Assisting—Whether it’s running errands, shopping, helping with your business, or planning your next vacation, Revamp can help!

*Kids—I’ve had years of experience with mentorship and tutoring, ski lessons and care taking. We can help you create an organized space for children to do homework, store toys, find creative ways to organize and save mementos from school, pictures, etc. Let us help you save those lasting memories.

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