Revamped was conceived as a solution—to give structure and improved form to your home and to simplify your life.  As the symbol of the paper crane suggests, out vision is to help you bring new vibrant life to your home with the peace and happiness that these big projects can require. Whether it is creating order in your existing home through organization, or laying down roots in a new location, we take great care to help realize and uncover the best solutions for you.

Revamped is run by Kelsey Jones Tuia, she is a professional home organizer, child lover and has a new found love for health and wellness.  Kelsey’s enthusiasm for creating efficient organizing solutions stems from her own desire to simplify and create balance in a life that can present obstacles and chaos.

Kelsey is a newly married resident of the world. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University and has since been on a mission to travel the world and acquaint herself with as many opportunities as possible. She has organized a humanitarian aid in Cambodia, where she spent time in orphanages raising money for their needs and establishing recycling programs to better their lives. She has lived on both ends of the country, New York City and Santa Monica, gaining experience in fashion and attending a program for Spiritual Psychology. She also has many years under her belt as a nanny and a ski instructor. Her latest endeavors have been focused on her work as a professional organizer and personal assistant. She feels so lucky to have had so many opportunities and due to her vast life experiences and work with many diverse personalities and circumstances, she is ready for anything! She has always found her source of strength being grounded in her life with her family in Utah county—and now with the love of her life as they embark on a new adventure.

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