Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Print It, Post It, Live it: Welcome a More Organized Summer

A bright and WARM welcome to our beautiful, illuminating, and nourishing summer season! Historically, summer solstice has been celebrated with bonfires, dancing, sacrifices, lighting candles, sending out wishes and generally absorbing inspiration from the muse. How have you invited light and abundance into your life these first few days of the new season?
Although we’ve reached the longest days of the year, the months of summer never fail to wash over me and my busy schedule and I find myself feeling regret for not making time for my summer exploits. This year, I plan to change that by doing what I do best—adding a dose of organized planning to the mix before it slips away. The perfect partner to help me do just that is the wonderfully creative design genius Alexi Bullock—she helps us take our plans from intention to function! Speaking of muses, enter Alexi. She has such flawless taste and is always coming up with something eye catching, yet graceful. Please check out her blog and prepare to be amazed! She has put together a summer to-do list that will surely give you style cred, while allowing you to see this list daily. Hang it on your fridge, post it above your desk, and share it with everyone you know!

Using simple tools like this are just one way to aid in organizing your life and opening up to what’s really important. From there, it’s up to you to stay true to your plan. If the rest of your life is organized, you’re more likely to approach your hobbies without feeling guilty and make time for the events that enrich your life. What’s on your summer bucket list? Don’t have one yet? Your first activity could be printing out one of Alexi’sfree printable lists and sit down with your family to get input and plan your summer or brainstorm what you’d like to do most. Get as specific as possible; what are the exact dates that you plan to take that picnic or hike to that waterfall you’ve always wanted to see?

Here is a sneak preview to some of my personal bucket list items:

  •      Visit the Utah State Fair with my family
  • ·       Join my brother Austin in Atlanta for his Army graduation
  • ·       Float Provo River
  • ·       Do the zip line at Sundance Resort
  • ·       Disneyland
  • ·       Finish 2 books
  • ·       Celebrate my husband’s birthday on Catalina island
  • ·       Hike Mt. Timpanogos at sunrise

This year, I’m going to get a magnet from each place I visit for my fridge to hang the pictures from the journey as proof that I’m living it up. How will you document your adventures??  

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