Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Season = New Blog Design

Along with a new season which brings with it a promise of new life, fresh growth and fragrant charm, I’ve decided to give the blog a new look, infused with paper cranes—a Japanese symbol of love and hope. Three years ago I came across the legend of 1,000 cranes, my father served a LDS mission in Japan and he introduced it to me. At the time it was a helpful reminder of the power of intention. The tradition follows the Japanese belief that cranes are sacred and in folding 1,000 paper cranes, you will receive a wish. Whether it be long life, health, happiness, etc., I felt that I needed a large gesture of faith to set my life in motion. I began to diligently produce one paper crane after another with the intention of meeting a counterpart that would challenge me, support me, and who I could return all the love I knew I was capable of giving.

I began with every color and pattern you can imagine and sat for hours imbuing each crease with love, a true spirit of hope and patience. The diligence with which I fulfilled the task renewed a sense of commitment, inspired creativity and a flux of energy. I wanted to be ready for anything. I would be ready for anything. I wanted to fulfill my purpose and attract and receive what the universe had to offer. I hung them above my bed and stared at them each night, reminded of the joy they brought as a process, as well as what I hoped to come as a result of my endeavors.

Later that year, I met Jake my sweet sweet hubby. As you all know, I think pretty highly of him, and he has truly been a symbol of how worthwhile a commitment to love, hope and moving forward each day can be. Hence, our new look and my constant challenge to my readers and followers to take one day at a time and approach the hard tasks that life brings with love, faith and commitment. I hope you all enjoy our new look!

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