Friday, June 12, 2015

just pick it up!

We forget sometimes that organization doesn’t always have to be a lengthy chore. Sure, it might take some time to begin, but once you find a home for your things, it can be quite simple and is worth the initial efforts.

We’ve talked about minimalism, decluttering and the like—how did it go? If you missed my 2-week challenge to follow Marie Kondo’s advice to go down a path of joyful purging, that’s a good place to get started.

When you begin, I recommend taking everything out into the center of the room. Whether you are working on a room or a specifically overgrown area of clutter, this is an essential step. Once you’ve got a heaping sum, don’t put anything away until you’ve decided on a specific home for the item. Do detailed work here; really find a place that will be easy to access and that feels like the right space for your things. Continue through your whole home to attain a complete peace of mind that transcends each room. There is no better feeling than when everything is rightfully returned and put away.

In time, you’ll realize how fun organization can be! If you do the hard work once, returning items to their rightful homes is a manageable task that can bring so much satisfaction when you consistently return your living space to a joyful, livable space. 

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