Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Little Pantry Lovin'

Your Pantry is the focal point of your kitchen and your life really, especially if you have littles. We all know if we are not preparing something to eat someone is always snacking, so you need to make sure your pantry is in top functionality to keep your life out of chaos~!

Tip 1: Use baskets to put like items such as chips or crackers together- this is an easy quick solution to keep things organized.

Tip 2: Use the two step shelves to create more space. Look how they are giving this pantry so much more space below with cans and sandwich supplies.

Tip 3: Use spinners to create even more space with all your spices.

Tip 4: I always say this... BUT LABEL IT ALL! Anything you put in bins needs a label.

Tip 5: Get a large crate like basket to organize any pet supplies you might need to store in your pantry. Notice how nice it looks at the bottom right hand corner of this beautiful pantry.

Tip 6: Keep your plastic bags contained with this cute rooster storage on this first picture on the left!

Tip 7: Like I posted on instagram, get pieces that make your life easier like this cute, functional over the door shelving used here for littles go-to snacks.

All organization products in this pantry were found on Amazon.com ! If you want direct links to any of them please feel free to email me at yourliferevamped.com ! Happy Organizing!

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