Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labels: The Ultimate Organization Tool

You had to have known it was coming. I preach labels nearly every week and I owe it to you all to let you know just how fond of labels, as an organizational essential, I really am. Labels are the seemingly tiny detail that makes all the work of organizing your space worth it in the end. They take organization to extreme daily function, but are typically the last touch that most people don’t bother with at the end of the long process of getting your space in tip-top working order. I know that it takes a long time to complete an organization project and labels are WORTH considering—you’ll be thanking yourself the next time you’re reaching high in a closet in desperate search, or moving around boxes in the dim light of your storage below the stairs. Here are a few suggestions that I find helpful:
·       Get a professional label maker—my favorite is the Brother PT-70SR Personal Handheld Labeler.
·       As far as tape goes, I strongly suggest one that splits down the middle to take the backing off, this is the absolute easiest way to label!

·       Consider getting chalk labels that tie on for baskets or bins that have holes in them. This is also a good for items that you don’t necessarily want seen through the container.

·       Post-its and packing tape work great as labels for storage units, garages, or basements. This includes holiday decoration storage. With larger bins, it helps to have larger lettering so your items are easy to find.

·       Color code! To all of you who want extra credit—colored duct tape works great for this purpose.

Have I convinced you of the transformative power of labeling? Comment below with anything I’ve left out!  

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