Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Closet Organization for Joyful Living

Closet organization, while it may seem complicated and daunting, is actually one of the most satisfying and straightforward tasks when tackling a room. After you’ve channeled all of that wonderful Kondo-ness from our girl Marie Kondo, decluttering and removing unnecessary items in the space, you should feel ready to approach joyful organization with calm excitement. Let’s get to the details:

First off, the clothing in your closet should be facing you when you enter your closet. For those who feel this is ridiculous, think of it this way—would you want a friend to greet you without looking up from a screen? Your clothing should feel inviting and function as a source of comfort and structure. If you go about creating joyful closet space, even if it takes some time, you should find your items more quickly, they will look better, and un-coincidentally, YOU will look better.

The next step is categorizing your closet. Take time to do this in a similar way that you would your pantry: Tops separate from bottoms, socks separate from shoes etc. My closet breaks down into tanks, t-shirts, long sleeves, collared shirts, cardigans, blazers, jackets—you get the idea.

Within the categories that you’ve made, take the extra step of ordering them by color as well. However, if you can’t commit to categorizing by both, item AND by color, choose the former. Categorizing by color alone is a great way for articles to get lost in the depths of wardrobe space.

For those of you who have already taken the steps to perfect and beautify your closet, how has creating an organized closet promoted joy in your life? Leave your comments and questions below.

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