Monday, August 10, 2015

Beach Bag Deconstruction

One major summer tip for sun soaked days is to have your swim bag packed and ready at all times. This may seem slightly over zealous upon first thought, but staying packed allows you to enjoy maximum summer fun with a “just add water element” which is always convenient. Make the most of these last summer days with these simple tips for packing your bag.

·       First, start with a bag that is large enough to hold it all and that is made of material that can withstand all of the elements of summer: sun, water and sand.
·       Always keep your favorite towel clean, rolled and nestled inside.
·       Sunscreen. ALWAYS keep sunscreen in your ready-to-go bag. Don’t forget your face, ears and lips!
·       A good pair of sunglasses. I love polarized lenses, but anything is better than nothing.
·       Your miniature bag with headphones, of course!
·       My personal favorite item: chair clips. These keep your towel in place on your lawn chair when soaking up that delicious golden sun.

What are your summer swimming bag essentials? Comment below!

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