Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Carry-On Organization for the Devoted Traveler

Since the inception of my business I have had more and more clients take advantage of my willingness to pack up and travel to them. This puts me on the road A LOT, so you can imagine that I’ve become quite the pro at preparing and packing for a light and easy travel. Since I’m the queen of living and breathing from a suitcase, I decided to launch my YouTube channel with a video of my favorite carry-on packing tips. I had a blast making this first video! Check out the live version of this post and subscribe to my channel, YourLife Revamped, for upcoming videos and tips.

5 Tips for Packing your Carry-On:

*When selecting your attire, opt for putting together full outfits in advance. This should include an optional jacket, shoes and accessories.
*Roll your clothing to prevent wrinkling and capitalize on extra space for blankets, toiletries, or last minute items.
*Pack your shoes in a separate bag to protect your shoes as well as your clean clothing.
*Pack an extra bag that is designated for dirty clothing. This makes unpacking and post-travel laundry so much easier.
*Bring extra pillowcases. This one is personal because there is nothing better than using my own familiar yummy case when I’m in an unfamiliar place, but I highly recommend implementing this into your packing routine. 

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