Monday, September 28, 2015

Where you “Bin” Traveling?

While I might be on the road more than the average person, I still think it’s helpful to have a travel bin ready to go at all times. This seriously helps to eliminate stress around all things ‘travel,’ whether it is a surprise weekend getaway, or that work conference you completely spaced! Get a large bin and let’s get started:

·       Ok, first off, make sure you don’t just throw it all in the large encompassing bin, let’s organize all of your go-to travel necessities nicely.

·       My second favorite tip (second only to “bins, bins, bins”) is bags within bags. Put all of your travel-size toiletries in categories first, and then continue by placing them in corresponding bags. Easy enough, right?

·       I suggest picking up a travel-size steamer to keep in the travel bin—they are a dream on the road!

·       I carry a travel journal everywhere, and this bin is the place to keep this gem.
·       Include a fan and a cute pair of sunglasses that you know will be comfortable as you travel, but aren’t your prized possession—I know that the sunglasses that I usually lose or break are usually on the road.

·       One of your tiny bags will have your electronic travel needs: headphones, splitter, and the like.

·       Any empty travel containers should go in your bin—don’t hog up the much needed bathroom cupboards with these.

Remember that this bin is meant to make packing easy and much more fun. It cuts out extra time spent looking in all of the nooks and corners for small shampoo, or the high-SPF sunscreen for your tropical vacation in January.
I packed a bin like this for my sweet husband so he knows exactly where to go to find all of his packing necessities. This travel bin has been such a lifesaver on all of the occasions where I’m dragging him along with me last minute.

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