Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Create a Kid-friendly Craft Station: Fun for All Sizes

Now that the school year is fully underway, it’s a great time to focus on organizing a space for your children to work on their school projects, as well as have a great place for them to play as the weather gets increasingly chilly and play time is moved indoors. A craft station that can be cleaned up and moved out of the way is a necessary part of your home—unless you like chasing your 5-year-old child with the permanent marker that was left out while making Halloween crafts for school the next day.
·       Start with an extra-large multi-purpose bin (I like this one from the container store) as the basis of your craft station.
·       Fill neatly with coloring books, crayons, markers and any other crafty supplies that need to be an easy grab for your little ones.
·       Voila! This is such an easy project! Just find a convenient space to store the bin and you have an all-in-one craft station that’s easy to get out and put away for both you and your young artisans.
Make sure you only bring out the craft station when your children are supervised. Having it put together neatly will absolutely relieve the anxiety that straggling art supplies can cause. For those of you with crafty young ones, what other items would you add to a craft station? Please include in the comments below!

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