Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Card Organization

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After you’ve set up the tree and found a spot to display cards from your friends and family, it will soon be time to find a way to store the keepsakes and make the hard decision of ‘to keep, or not to keep.’
·       Find decorative boxes that insight joy for your keepsake cards. These should be the lovely cards that make you smile, bring back joyful memories, or the cards you just can’t part with. Keep them in your beautiful box to keep year after year. Be picky—this box should bring you nostalgic happiness for years to come.
·       For the cards that you have purchased to gift to others and didn’t get a chance to use, stored in a similarly gorgeous box or bin that’s clearly labeled. This will come in handy next year and will be sure to save you money in the long run. Instead of misplacing unused cards or letting them get wrinkled in an obscure junk pile, just toss them in an easy-to-access box for a future gifting occasion.
I hope you’re all enjoying the season and feeling prepared and orderly for the upcoming holiday! 

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