Monday, January 25, 2016

Get a Jump on 2016 with our Subscription Program!

Welcome to 2016 everyone! I hope the New Year has you as psyched about new beginnings and revamping your life as I have been. Over here at Your Life Revamped, there’s been a lot of planning for the New Year and we’re beyond excited to have you all along for the ride! Our subscription plan is taking off—The January issue is all about the best practices for putting away and organizing your Holiday d├ęcor. I don’t know about you, but getting my home in proper working order at the beginning of a new year is huge for jumpstarting my goals and upcoming projects.

Some of my favorite tips from January include using color-coded bins, balloon bags, and Command hooks to create a fully functional space to store your favorite holiday items. Use balloon bags or even translucent garbage bags to cover wreaths and hang them on the wall with Command hooks.

To learn more, SUBSCRIBE to our program! I promise you won’t regret taking steps, right alongside me, to revamp your space and create the calm organization you dreamed of when penning your goals for this year. To subscribe, visit Let’s get organizing!

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